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The Rules

Run The Shots

How To Play​ (Instructions)


The Aim Of The Game: The 1st player to get to the centre square is the winner. All though we at Team Sa’Real believe the main goal of the game is to get the ‘Party Started’.


Players: 2 or more (best played  with 4 players) 

Age: 18+ 


Let’s Go! 


The Games starts with everyone choosing a counter before beginning, you’ll need bottle of alcohol *of you choice* 


Professional Drinkers: Vodka/ Rum/  Tequila/ 

Lightweights:  Rum punch/ mixed drinks. 


Each player must also have a shot glass ready & prepared for any shots coming your way. The person to roll the highest number starts the game and will continue round clock wise with the next play on the left.


Time 2 Play

 Take Turns to roll the dice & make your way around the board. As you land on a square you must follow the command & do as the board tells you, Such as ‘Take Shot’ ‘Go back 2 Spaces’, ‘Choose A Player To Take a shot’ etc. 

If a player lands on a ‘Sa’Real Challenge’ they must then challenge another player in the game to a battle, the battle consists of you each rolling the dice once, who ever rolls the lowest number out of the 2 players takes the shot. However if you so happen to both roll the same number you both must then take a shot.


The game ends with the 1st person to make it to the middle of the board or alternatively the last person to make it to the middle


Contains: 1 Gameboard, 1 Dice, 4 counters & 1 instruction sheet cards all inside a custom Sa’Real box.


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Please drink responsibly as this is a drinking game and all persons drinking alcohol should be over the legal drinking age. Please drink responsibly. 

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RUN THE SHOTS drinking board game with shot glasses Sa'Real cup £24.99

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